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Guest Cobie Smulders

If you watch 'How I Met Your Mother,' you know that Cobie Smulders' character, Robin, has a secret - some might say shady - past. She was a teenage pop star in Canada, with amazing '80s music videos like 'Let's Go to The Mall' and 'Sandcastles in the Sand'.

That's right, when the producers of the show learned Cobie hailed from Vancouver, they decided to make Robin Canadian. And as you may have noticed, she takes a bit of heat for it (remember "The Hoser Hut?"). Growing up in B.C., Cobie fell for the ocean, as B.C-ers tend to do. Like George Costanza, she dreamed of a career in marine biology. But while she was still in high school, Cobie started modeling, eventually turning to acting, and landing parts on shows like 'Smallville' and the ground-breaking drama 'The L-Word.'

As a young, rising star in Hollywood, Cobie credits her Canadian roots with helping her stay clear of the tabloid-celebrity sideshow. And in 2005, she landed her current role on 'How I Met Your Mother' where each week she holds her own alongside the likes of Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris.

Cobie's seen big changes since starting on the show - she had a baby girl, got engaged to Taran Killam from SNL, and she recently kicked ass in the first big popcorn movie of the summer - 'The Avengers.'

It's her first ever role in an action movie, and Cobie describes it as "being a woman in a man's world." Cobie plays Agent Maria Hill - one part of a crack hot team just trying to save the world.

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