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Guest Clive Owen

You see Clive Owen now and it's easy to think he's been around Hollywood forever. I mean, the guy was made to be a movie star.

That voice, those rugged looks - and oh yeah, he's a pretty good actor, too. We got our first real taste of Clive, when 'Croupier' hit theatres here in 2000. He played a struggling writer working at a casino, and lookin' pretty fine in a tux. Just sayin'. Clive was in his mid thirties there, and relatively new to us, but he'd been acting most of his life.

Clive grew up in Coventry, England. He lived in public housing, his dad walked out when he was three - so, he had a rough childhood. But over time, Clive got into acting. His first role? The Artful Dodger in a school production of 'Oliver!'

Well, he was hooked, and dreamed of going to the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. The response he got? Get real, Clive. Kids from Coventry don't go there. Well, Clive DID go there - eventually. He just spent two years as a pool hustler first.

By twenty-six, he had his own hit TV show - playing a conman in 'Chancers.' Ten years later, 'Croupier', and I think you know the rest. 'The Bourne Identity', 'Closer' - he got an Oscar nod and won a Golden Globe for that one. Clive also starred in 'Inside Man', and set out to save mankind in 'Children of Men.'

His new film is called 'The Boys are Back.' Clive plays a sports writer struggling to raise two boys after his wife's sudden death.

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