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Guest Clint Eastwood

When it comes to movie legends, Clint Eastwood is a giant. making his name playing no nonsense characters. Films like 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly', 'Dirty Harry' and 'Unforgiven' are classics that still resonate today. And when people can still quote your lines, ('Go ahead, make my day') you've moved into icon status. Hell of a career for a guy who was essentially a late bloomer.

Born in 1930, Clint grew up dirt poor. Had every kind of job you can imagine - from gas station attendant, to bar room piano player. In fact, when he was 29, he was still digging swimming pools to make ends meet. Then he got his lucky break - he snagged a role on the very popular western series 'Raw Hide'.

From there he turned every opportunity into gold - 'The Man With No Name', 'Dirty Harry'. even showing us his comedic side in 'Every Which Way But Loose'. In 1971 he directed his first film 'Play Misty For Me', and almost thirty years later he's become an internationally respected director with memorable credits like 'Unforgiven', 'Mystic River', 'Million Dollar Baby' and 'Gran Torino'. And now the five time Oscar winner tackles death, loss and healing in his latest film 'Hereafter'.

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