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Guest Chubby Checker

In the heyday of rock 'n roll, not many songs got people dancing quite like 'The Twist', made famous by the one and only Chubby Checker.

Chubby - a.k.a. Ernest Evans - grew up in Philadelphia and as a kid he'd hang out on the street corner - singing with a harmony group. By high school, he was playing piano, and singing at his after school jobs. One boss was so impressed that he arranged a private recording for Dick Clark, who signed Chubby to a record deal.

Then, in the summer of 1960, out came 'The Twist.' It became a worldwide hit and went to number one on the Billboard charts for 18 weeks. In fact, 'The Twist' reached the top of the charts again two years later, for twenty-one weeks, making Chubby the only artist to have a record hit number one, in two separate years.

He's also done a number of variations to the song, including one in 1988 with 'The Fat Boys.' That introduced Chubby to a whole new generation. And to this day, he's still performing - fifty years after hitting the big time.

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