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Guest Christine Stewart

As far as the experts are concerned, the UN conference in Copenhagen could be our last opportunity to ease global warming. One hundred and ninety two countries are there, all with our own agendas, trying to get a deal in just two weeks.

Our Prime Minister is going - near the end of the summit, but don't expect a warm reception. Activists say Canada is simply dropping the ball. In fact, we've already been singled out in Copenhagen - winning a 'Fossil of the Day' award.

See, over the next decade, the UN wants industrialized countries to cut greenhouse gases by at least twenty-five per cent - from 1990 levels. Our Prime Minister is promising a cut of three per cent. But critics aren't just angry with the Conservatives - they point the finger at the Liberals too. Back in 1997, when Canada signed Kyoto, the Liberal government promised to cut greenhouse gases by six per cent from 1990 levels. But under their watch, emissions went up more than twenty-five per cent.

Back in '97, Christine Stewart was Canada's environment minister. She signed Kyoto, and was hopeful of Canada leading by example. Instead, Stewart says when she returned home, she realized the Kyoto targets weren't a priority.

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