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Guest Chris O’Dowd

Maybe it's the luck of the Irish, but in the past few years, Chris O'Dowd has been enjoying some serious professional good fortune.

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Chris had a chance encounter with one of his heroes, producer Judd Apatow. A few months later, Chris was cast in Judd's groundbreaking comedy, 'Bridesmaids'.

Chris is equal parts confidence and goofy charm, something Brits first saw in 'The IT Crowd', a TV comedy about the drudgery of life in tech support.

Now, Chris has joined the ranks of other Apatow protégés: actors and writers who are redefining Hollywood comedy.

His latest movie is called, 'The Sapphires'; based on a true story about an Aboriginal Australian singing group in the 1960s, with Chris starring as the group's manager.

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