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Guest Chris Isaak

Listening to Chris Isaak is like travelling back in time, back to when pop music began: Inspired by guys like Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Hank Williams, Chris's music is a throwback, without sounding dated. By fusing rockabilly, country, blues, and swing, Chris created something new, and unique.

Now, being unique doesn't guarantee success: For years, Chris struggled to find an audience.

But in 1990, director David Lynch used Chris's song 'Wicked Game' in the movie, 'Wild at Heart'. Then, MTV started playing the video, featuring supermodel Helena Christensen. The song became a hit, and the video is still regarded as one of the sexiest of all time.

Now, Chris never stopped making music, but he also got into acting: In 2001, he made 'The Chris Isaak Show', a quirky sitcom about a famous musician coping with everyday life. Above all, the show was about deconstructing fame and the importance of staying grounded, which is something Chris has achieved in real life: throughout his career, Chris has remained clean and sober, avoiding the cliché of the self-destructive rock star.

His latest album is called 'Beyond the Sun', and, for Chris, it's been a dream come true: Recorded at Sun Studio, in the same room where Elvis got his start, it's Chris covering the classics and paying tribute to his heroes - a way to look back, while moving forward.

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