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Guest Chris Hedges

Reporter, writer and thinker Chris Hedges must feel pretty lonely sometimes. He angers liberals as much as he does conservatives. He also says what we need to hear in these troubled times, about the things that truly impact our lives.

He's trained his sights on the Christian far right and the militant atheist left. He's also provoked conversation about some of the most important issues facing us today:
how we become addicted to war; how the battlefield brutalizes our soldiers, and how celebrity-soundbite culture has dumbed down our society.

He's the son of a Presbyterian minister and has a Master's in theology. As a foreign correspondent, he's seen the worst of war. Hedges survived ambushes in Central America and imprisonment in Sudan. He witnessed the murder of children for sport in Gaza.

At the New York Times he was part of a team that won a Pulitzer for its coverage of terrorism. He also stands up for his beliefs. When the Times reprimanded him for speaking out against the war in Iraq, Hedges walked away.

His new book is called Death of the Liberal Class. The message: progressive politicians and media have abandoned the working class.

And what happens next, as Hedges sees it, is pretty scary.

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