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Guest Charley Pride

Here's a tip: don't tell Charley Pride what he can't do; he will almost certainly find a way to prove you wrong. Born to poor sharecroppers in Mississippi, the fourth of 11 children, Charley grew up with a steadfast belief that even the most unlikely dreams could come true.

Initially, Charley set out to be professional baseball player, and he almost made it - he even played in the American Negro League, before segregated baseball leagues disappeared. Along with a sense of determination, Charley picked up a love of music, and taught himself to play guitar. His favourite genre was always country, so when Charley decided to be a professional musician, there was no question what type of music he would play. In succeeding,

Charley broke long-standing racial barriers, and earned his place as a living legend in country music. Now, Charley Pride is setting out on a cross-Canada tour, still satisfying audiences more than five decades into a remarkable career.

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