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Guest Chantal Kreviazuk

So, Chantal Kreviazuk has been collecting Juno awards and nominations ever since her first record, 'Under These Rocks and Stones,' came out back in 1996. But her latest award taps into the part of her where she feels most at home. Last month, Chantal - along with her husband Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace - won the Allan Slaight Humanitarian Spirit Award. It's an award that honours their commitment to high ideals and humanitarian service.

The award is well deserved: Chantal and Raine have devoted their time and energy to a number of causes close to their hearts, from War Child Canada to the Canadian Mental Health Association - a cause Chantal connects with in part because of her brother's struggles with mental illness.Whatever you think about this country's social services, how does your opinion change when someone you love depends on them? And, if you've got a public profile...do you have a duty to try to make the world a better place?

Another issue that's got Chantal and Raine behind it? Polar Bears International. Last year, George, Chantal and Raine braved the tundra together on a mission to Churchill, Manitoba, where they learned about the effects that climate change is having on our polar bears. And for Chantal, who recently discovered her First Nations heritage, trekking through Churchill took on special significance.

Chantal's been exploring new territory in her music, too - she's got a new album coming out May 29th called 'In This Life' - a collection of her songs performed live backed by the Niagara Symphony Orchestra. And not only that, she's also teamed up with none other than Drake, exploring that cool space between genres.

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