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Guest Catherine O’Hara

So, Canada's known for its comedians, right? Well, as far as women go, Catherine O'Hara might just be our greatest claim to fame.

If you grew up watching 'SCTV', you know Catherine worked with the best. Yeah, a bit of a boys club. But Catherine held her own.

Catherine was nineteen when the Second City troupe opened in Toronto. She got a gig there - waiting tables. But before long, she was on stage, understudying for the late, great Gilda Radner. Fast forward to 1976 - Second City became a TV show - 'SCTV', and Catherine and company shot to fame.

But did you know this? Catherine also worked for Saturday Night Live - except, she never made it to air. She didn't like it and quit after just over a week. But that didn't stop her. Catherine took her zany style to Hollywood. Remember her in 'Beetlejuice', 'Home Alone', or all those Christopher Guest mockumentaries?

Catherine has also done a lot of voice work over the years, and she's at it again. She's Judith - a.k.a. one of the wild things - in the new film adaption of the kids' book, 'Where the Wild Things Are.'

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