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Guest Carole Pope

So, the conversation about gay bullying in schools has started to get louder and more public. And to that, Carole Pope says: finally. Carole cracked that door open more than 30 years ago. Remember the song "
High School Confidential" by Rough Trade? That was Carole's band. And "High School Confidential" was one of the first hit songs to openly deal with lesbianism in such a raw and honest way.

Today, Carole's still speaking up for kids who are in the process of coming out. So, is it getting any better? Or is it just as scary and difficult as when Carole went through it in the '70s? Back then, the cops used to attend Rough Trade gigs in case the band 'stepped over the line'. Because when Carole and band mate Kevan Staples took the stage, music was only part of the story -- their shows experimented with bondage, role-playing, and totally in-your-face sexual satire.

 Now, I know what you're thinking: pop music today is swimming in sex, and even lesbianism isn't really taboo anymore (Katy Perry kissed a girl, and she liked it, after all). But for Carole, who once had a meaningful relationship with the late, great British soul singer Dusty Springfield, there's a big difference between what music was saying then, and what it's saying now.

And what about now? For someone who broke down so many barriers back in the day, what's Carole angry about today? Well, she's found a way to tell us with a new solo record called 'Landfall'.

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