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Guest Carol Off

It's pretty rare that a journalist can cover brutal stories of genocide in Rwanda with just as much skill as she's able to cover the sex life of Canadian squirrels. But that's the kind of incredible range Carol Off has as a storyteller.

Carol grew up in Winnipeg, and when she decided she wanted to become a journalist, she sold everything she had to fly to Pakistan and interview future Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. It was on that trip that something completely unexpected happened: Carol's plane was hijacked, and suddenly all the major North American news outlets wanted her story.

The experience set Carol's career in motion: She became a foreign correspondent and documentarian, covering brutal conflicts in Rwanda, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. Carol's written a couple of books along the way that explore Canada's relationship with our military, and another one exposing the dark side of the chocolate industry.

When Carol came home, she devoted herself to two vital Canadian institutions: she became the co-host of As It Happens on CBC Radio, and she also got involved with Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, helping to protect the rights she's seen taken away from far too many people around the world.

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