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Guest Carol Alt

When Carol Alt was 34, she was sent home from work because she "wasn't in bathing suit condition." That's, well...kind of a big deal when your work involves posing on the front cover of Sports Illustrated. In the high pressure world of modeling, Carol had developed some bad habits: starving herself, popping pills, relying on all kinds of stimulants... and when she hit her 30s it all caught up with her, and her body rebelled.

When you spend your formative years in an industry that demands physical perfection, what's it like that first moment you start to feel yourself age? For Carol, that moment changed everything, and it led to a huge transformation in her diet, her attitude, and her way of life -- Carol discovered the raw food movement and started advocating for a return to clean, simple, natural eating. She even wrote several books about it, encouraging others to embrace the lifestyle. But it's tough to do that without getting all preachy about it -- we'll talk to Carol about walking that fine line.

Carol grew up in New York, started waiting tables in college, and that's when she got discovered by a photographer and entered the world of modeling. She's often considered one of the first ever "super models," and she didn't stop there -- she got into the motion picture shows, too. She had roles in Howard Stern's 1997 film Private Parts, as well as number of Italian, American, and Canadian TV series (remember the adventure series "Amazon?" Carol played Karen Oldham on that show).

Today, Carol's recaptured the energy and spark she had when she was younger, and she says she's happy with her new outlook: that you can look your best and feel your best at the same time.

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