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Guest Bruce Greenwood

After more than 35 years in front of the camera, Bruce Greenwood is as tough to pin down as a Romulan starship.

He's one of those actors who keeps you guessing: he's played a conniving doctor on the groundbreaking TV series 'St. Elsewhere'. He played a proud surfer on the dark and brilliant HBO drama 'John From Cincinnati'. And he generated a lot of Oscar buzz with his uncanny portrayal of JFK in the political thriller 'Thirteen Days'.

But there are a few things about him you can be sure of: He's a favourite of director (and fellow Canadian) Atom Egoyan. He'll again play Captain Pike in this summer's Star Trek movie 'Into Darkness'.

And he's back with his 'St. Elsewhere' pal Denzel Washington in the film 'Flight', about an airline pilot and a miraculous crash-landing, something many of us fear - and Bruce has actually experienced.


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