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Guest Brooke Gladstone

The 24-hour news cycle might have started back in the '80s, but it was the introduction of the Internet, in the mid-90s, that really changed the way that we consume news. Today, anyone with a camera phone and web access can potentially reach an audience of millions. While there's still appetite for traditional journalism, the fine line between hard news and salacious heresy has become increasingly blurred.

So how does all this affect us - the consumers of media? That's the domain of Brooke Gladstone. For more than a decade she's hosted 'On The Media', a show on National Public Radio that explores things like transparency, information-overload and press freedom.

Brooke examines those issues, and others, in a new book called 'The Influencing Machine'. It's a graphic novel that looks at who the media are, what they do, and whether or not consumers get the news they deserve.

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