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Guest Brian Henson

Our collected love and affection for the Muppets is a very real thing and the feelings are a testament to the vision and heart of their late creator Jim Henson (1936 - 1990). After Jim's sudden passing his son Brian, who essentially grew up alongside Kermit & Miss Piggy, was tasked with overseeing the Muppet revival. Brian took what many consider to be the greatest story ever told – yes, we’re talking A Christmas Carol – and made it even cooler with A Muppet Christmas Carol.

Although the Muppets were sold to Disney in 2004, Brian is still pulling the strings with the Jim Henson Company. They’ve got a new stage show that features sort of anti-hero Muppets. It’s called Puppet Up: Uncensored!, a live improv show that’s definitely not for kids. And he's the lead judge on Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge,​ a new reality competition show on SyFy.

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