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Guest Brian Dennehy

Brian Dennehy is one of the toughest guys on film, and, even in real life, Brian has his tough-guy credentials. See, Brian was raised in Brooklyn, and then Long Island, one of three boys in a proud Irish family. Eventually, he goes to University on a football scholarship, joins the Marines, and works a bunch of jobs to pay the bills.

But really, Brian always wanted to be an actor. If anything, the real measure of Brian's toughness is his persistence. Incredibly, he didn't start making a living as an actor until his late 30s. He started out on the New York stage, and over the years, he's been in a ton of movies: 'Cocoon', '10', 'Tommy Boy' ... the list goes on.

Now, Brian still makes movies, but he never lost his love for the stage: In 1999, he did 'Death of a Salesman' on Broadway, which earned him his first of two Tony Awards. These days, at 73, he still loves the theatre. He came to Canada for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival last year - he describes Stratford as the best theatre company in the world.

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