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Guest Bret Hart

If there's such a thing as a wrestling dynasty, Bret Hart was born into one.

Bret started out working for his father Stu - who ran Calgary's 'Stampede Wrestling' for nearly 50 years. When Vince McMahon bought it out, Bret went to the WWE, and became a worldwide star - winning the WWE title five times.

But in 1997, everything changed. With WWE losing money, McMahon said he couldn't afford Bret anymore. So, Bret signed a deal with the rival WCW, but before he left the WWE, the unimaginable happened.

In Bret's final WWE match, McMahon double-crossed him. He called for the bell early, to make it appear Bret quit and lost his title. It wasn't part of the storyline. It was business and it was real, and Bret left the WWE in disgust.

A few years later, he had to retire because a severe concussion, and later suffered a stroke when he hit his head in a bike accident. Bret was paralyzed on his left side, but has since made a successful recovery.

A few years ago, Bret was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. And this past January, he shocked the wrestling world. For the first time in twelve years, Bret set foot in a WWE ring.

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