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Guest Bob Rae

Canadians of a certain age remember Bob Rae as an idealistic, piano-playing socialist. He used his songs to poke fun at establishment politics... targeting people with power and cutting them down to size.

But in 1990, he made the jump from voice of conscience to mainstream politician. Rae and his fellow NDPers trounced David Peterson's Liberals to bring in the first NDP government east of Manitoba.

But the next five years were difficult and Rae's relationship with the NDP suffered as well.
When Ontarians decided to vote out the NDP and vote in the Conservatives, Rae decided to take a break from politics.

When he finally returned a handful of years later, it was to join the Liberal team. He now sits as the party's interim leader, presiding over a Canadian institution that could be seeing its end.

A while back, Liberals from across the country got together to decide the future of their party. Can it be resurrected? Or have Canadians seen the end of this country's "natural governing party?"

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