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Guest Bob Nicholson

Hockey has given this country some great memories. As Canadians, the game has always meant something to us - something beyond mere wins and losses. It all adds up to a lot of pressure on Bob Nicholson.

As President and CEO of Hockey Canada, Bob oversees all aspects of the game, from beginners to the Olympics. And for every gold medal or victory celebration, there are disappointments and critics. It's all fun, until someone loses - to Russia.

Bob's also responsible for player safety and has to deal with some tough questions: what do you do about head shots? And how do you deal with fighting - especially among very young players? Bob has other challenges too: Like how to sell the game to a changing population raised, not on hockey, but on soccer?

Or cricket?

Now, with the World Junior Hockey Championships just around the corner, Bob is preparing our top prospects for a battle in Alberta. Plus, there's a new book celebrating the tournament and the legacy of Hockey Canada. It's called 'Thirty Years of the Game at its Best', a look at our national game and how it offers a window into our way of life, with all its joys and sorrows.

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