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Guest Billy Ray Cyrus

I'm willing to bet you know exactly one line dance... you only bust it out at weddings... you're not totally sure about the exact steps... and it's to the song 'Achy Breaky Heart.'

That song made Billy Ray Cyrus one of country's first music video stars. But in spite of his success as a musician, and also an actor (remember 'Doc'?), at times, Billy Ray has known an achy breaky heart all too well.

Billy was raised in Flatwoods, Kentucky where he lived in his car for a stretch while chasing a career in country music. When he did hit with 'Achy Breaky Heart,' the backlash he endured bordered on cruel.

Plus, he's had to watch his daughter Miley - an even bigger pop-culture sensation than he was back in the day - get embroiled in a string of tabloid controversies.

Through it all, Billy Ray's held onto two things: a letter he got from Johnny Cash, and the faith planted in him by a gospel-church upbringing. And while he admits that faith's been tested, Billy Ray returns to those roots on a new record called 'Change My Mind.'

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