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Guest Bill Duke

Ask people to name an influential black filmmaker and they'll likely say Spike Lee. But as Laurence Fishburne put it: Bill Duke "paved the way for African-Americans in cinema beginning in the early 1970s when Spike Lee was just a teenager."

Do a search of Bill Duke - the Actor - and you'll find a range of characters that are both bad-ass and bad news: hard men from films like 'Commando', 'Predator' and 'Menace II Society'. If you search Bill Duke - the Director - you'll hit a trove of credits: everything from TV shows like 'Hill Street Blues' and 'Knots Landing' to weighty films like 'Deep Cover' and 'Raisin in the Sun'.

But Bill Duke, the filmmaker, almost never was. In the '80s, his career stalled - leaving him with no acting work for two years. What happened? We'll get into it.

But Bill knew he had to reinvent himself. So he went to film school and became a director. With his passion for documentary story-telling, he's looked at the impact of HIV on the African-American community and the evolution of black players in baseball: from segregation through integration. His new film is 'Dark Girls'. It takes a candid look at the pain caused by colour bias in the black community.

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