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Guest Baz Luhrmann

The way a lot of movies tell stories these days can feel a little... Cookie-cutter. But luckily, we have movie makers like Baz Luhrmann, a director whose vibrant, dazzling style is so recognizable, it's practically a brand name.

Known for his generous use of glorious colour and roaring sound, Baz is the filmmaker who revved up Shakespeare, transporting Romeo & Juliet from Verona, Italy to modern-day Verona Beach.

And seven years later, he helped usher in the modern movie musical with 'Moulin Rouge', a surreal mash-up of time, place and reality, and a box office hit.

Some of his critics have argued he can fall too in love with spectacle for spectacle's sake - but his latest film may prove that a little display can go a long way.

In 'The Great Gatsby', Baz has recreated the lavishness of 1920's long island party life - and once again, he's doing a little musical time travelling: the soundtrack was overseen by Jay-Z and features Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Rey, Gotye, Bryan Ferry, and Jack White.

If all that sounds a little unlikely for a period piece based on a classic work of literature, the bold moves don't stop there: Baz also shot 'Gatsby' in 3-D.

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