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Guest Atom Egoyan & Arsinée Khanjian

Okay, we all know about muses, right? That person who inspires you to create great works of art: Dante had Beatrice, Woody Allen had Diane Keaton, Kate Hudson has Matt Bellamy (he's from the band Muse - see what we did there?). And here in Canada, Atom Egoyan has Arsinée Khanjian. Actually, they seem to bring out the best in each other.

Ever since they met on the set of Atom's first feature, 'Next of Kin', they've been nearly inseparable. Arsinée has appeared in most of Atom's films, including 'The Sweet Hereafter', which earned him two Oscar nods. She's picked up great reviews for appearing in her husband's work, and even won a Genie for her role in 'Ararat', that epic take on conscience and culpability during and after the Armenian genocide, an event that loomed large in both their families.

But Arsinée also has a thriving career on her own, doing international film and stage work, and, closer to home, winning a Gemini for CBC's 'Foolish Heart', made by another Canadian auteur, Ken Finkleman.

Now, the couple has joined forces on a play at Canadian Stage in Toronto. It's called 'Cruel and Tender', a timely update of an ancient Sophocles play that holds lessons for how we live today.

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