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Guest Atom Egoyan

If Atom Egoyan doesn't come to mind... You're living on another planet.

If you're not familiar with Atom's story, he was born in Cairo, the son of Armenian refugees, and came to Canada with his family as a kid.

He got into theatre at the University of Toronto. That led to playwriting, short films - and in 1984, his first feature, 'Next of Kin.' That put Atom on the map. But 'Exotica' - ten years later - was his real breakthrough. That won a Genie for best picture, and was nominated for the Palme D'Or - the top prize at Cannes.

Adam didn't win, but he did a few years later - for 'The Sweet Hereafter.' It won eight Genies - including best picture and best director. Plus, Atom was nominated for two Academy Awards - for best director and best adapted screenplay. You might also know Atom's work from 'Ararat' - about the Armenian genocide. Or 'Adoration.'

Now, Atom's back with a new one. It's the remake of a sexy French thriller, called 'Chloe.'

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