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Guest Art Hindle

Now, Art Hindle never set out to be 'Mr. Can-Con', but in addition to being in some big American pictures, he has featured in a string of groundbreaking Canadian films: Films like 'Black Christmas,' 'Porky's' (for the longest time, the biggest money-maker ever in Canadian film) and 'Face-Off' - no, not the John Woo flick starring Travolta and Cage, but still a classic, and a game changer for Canadian film.

In 'Face-Off,' Art played Billy Duke, a small-town Ontario kid who falls for a folk singer and earns a spot on the Toronto Maple Leafs. When the movie was made in 1971, it was the first Canadian film with a million-dollar budget. It helped pave the way for a new era in Canadian cinema, and it set Art on a path that had begun not in acting, but on Bay Street. Art was a stockbroker - a pretty successful one too - but inspired by the counter-culture of the day, he packed it in and followed his passion.

Since then, Art's been in dozens of TV shows and movies, and in 1990, won a Gemini for his work on the Canadian drama 'E.N.G.' These days, Art is an outspoken advocate for arts funding in Canada and a strong supporter of a Canadian star system. So 40 years after our first million-dollar movie, how do you inspire the next generation of Canadian talent?

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