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Guest Arlene Dickinson

If there's someone who understand that necessity is the mother of invention, it's Arlene Dickison. Married at 19, she had four children by the time she was 27, and wound up divorced at 31. The divorce got her excommunicated from her Mormon church, but even that wasn't the worst of it. The family court judge told her she couldn't have custody of her children until she could prove she had the resources to look after them. Suddenly, Arlene wasn't just looking for work, she was on a mission to provide for her family.

Mission accomplished.

Today she's the head of Venture Communications, a marketing company based in Calgary, but she’s better known as one of the five dragons on Dragons' Den, where entrepreneurs across the country have a chance to make their dreams come true (or die a humiliating death). She’s taken what she’s learned about the emotional rollercoasters entrepreneurs need to ride and put it into a new book, All In.

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