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Guest Arianna Huffington

Never mind the Cambridge education Or the intellectual talk shows. And set aside for a second the 13 books she's written. And the fact that her creation - 'The Huffington Post' - was a media game changer. The real sign that Arianna Huffington is a cultural icon? A 'Saturday Night Live' parody. But, of course, the parody's just for kicks. When you run one of the most successful media properties around, it's easy for people to have their fun. And despite criticism of her business model - aggregation is killing journalism - 'The Huffington Post' has become a go-to destination for news consumers.

In the last almost one year, we saw Arianna's brand expand: 'Huffington Post Canada' in May of last year; 'Huffington Post UK' in July; and this year 'Le Huffington Post' in France and 'Le Huff Post' in Quebec. And coming soon,'The Huffington Post Streaming Network.'

But what about the woman behind the empire? Arianna Huffington - variously described as controversial or seeking the limelight. She was the darling of London who went on to become the darling of New York. She came to America and effectively started her life over. And she's started over at least a couple of times since then. We'll ask her what it takes to stay relevant and what she sees for the future of her media empire.

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