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Guest Anvil

When it comes to rock n roll fairy tale, Anvil is living the life.

Back in the Eighties, they were an up and coming heavy metal band, touring the world, and respected by some of the biggest stars in the business. But instead of reaching superstardom, Anvil faded into obscurity. They came home to Toronto, took day jobs to pay the bills, and picked up gigs where they could.

But through the years, Lips, Robb Reiner and the boys never gave up the dream of metal glory. They persevered for the love of their music, and in 2008, a documentary called 'Anvil: The Story Of Anvil' was released. The film has been a big hit. Some people have compared it to a real life version of 'Spinal Tap.' Others call it the "greatest movie ever made about rock n roll." And now, 25 years later, Anvil is back living the dream. This past summer, they opened for AC/DC. They're headlining metal festivals around the world and working on their fourteenth album, called 'Juggernaut of Justice.'

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