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Guest Anthony Zuiker

C.S.I.! The biggest TV cop series in the world. And the guy behind it is Anthony Zuiker.

And what a story. Before he created C.S.I., Anthony worked at a hotel in Vegas - driving a shuttle bus for eight bucks an hour. So, one night he's at home, set to go out with his friends. But his wife says, "Stay home, watch this show with me." And everything changed.

The show was about cops who investigate real crime scenes. And bang - it hit him. This would make a great drama series!

Anthony starting writing. He did a few screenplays, and then, almost out of nowhere, he got a call from Jerry Bruckheimer. Jerry liked Anthony's style and asked him to pitch ideas for a TV series. Anthony pitched 'C.S.I.', and Jerry gave him a deal.

Next up for Anthony - the pilot. For five weeks - he did the graveyard shift with real Las Vegas cops. By 2000, C.S.I. was on the air, and in two years - the most watched show in America. Now, it's a franchise. 'CSI: Miami', 'CSI: New York', it airs in nearly two hundred countries, with seventy-five million viewers a week. And the brand makes big money - try six billion dollars, since it hit the air!

Now, Anthony has a new project. A digital novel called 'Level 26.' And it just might change modern storytelling.

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