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Guest Anne Murray

In this country, no female singer has been so big, for so long as Anne Murray.

Anne was the first Canadian woman to hit number one in America. She grew up in the Fifties in Springhill, Nova Scotia - a small mining town. And by the time she was seve, she was singing all the time. Especially in the car, when Buddy Holly or Connie Francis came on the radio.

She studied piano for six years, and at fifteen, started taking classical voice lessons. Eventually, she went to university, and got a degree in phys ed. But fate is a funny thing. In the mid Sixties, Anne auditioned for a CBC music show called 'Singalong Jubilee.'
At first, she didn't get a call back - but two years later, one of the singers came down with tonsilitis.

Anne joined the show, and her career took off. In 1968, she put out her first album. Since then, she's sold an astonishing fifty-four million records, and received a tonne of awards - including four Grammys and twenty-four Junos!

Heck, she's even had her own stamp. And how's this for a tribute, John Lennon once told Anne that her hit - 'You Won't See Me' was his favourite cover of a Beatles song. Now, she's written her autobiography. It's called 'All of Me.'

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