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Guest Anne Graham Lotz

In the world of Christian evangelists, Billy Graham is pretty much, well, the godfather. The original televangelist. Word has it Billy has preached to more than 2 billion people - a tough act to follow - especially if you're his kid.

But when it comes to the family biz, Anne Graham Lotz has become a force all her own. But the truth is she never planned to follow in her dad's footsteps. She got married at eighteen, started raising a family, but then, as she approached thirty, things changed. Anne says she felt like she'd drifted from God.

So, she decided to take a bible study fellowship class - except her hometown in North Carolina didn't offer one. So, Anne decided to start one. Soon, five hundred women were coming to her weekly class. She taught it for twelve years, then in 1988, started her own non-profit group, AnGeL Ministries and took her message on the road.

In 2000, Anne launched the 'Just Give Me Jesus' revivals for women - which have packed arenas around the world. She's also got her message out on radio, and through a series of books. Her latest is called 'The Magnificent Obsession.'

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