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Guest Angelo Tsarouchas

We all have fantasies, right? Like being a rock star, winning the World Cup, riding a pink unicorn (hey, it's a fantasy). But who ever actually goes out there and chases their dreams? Angelo Tsarouchas, for one.

Angelo had a thriving travel agency, but his dream was to be a comedian. He'd been the class clown all through school - growing up in a tight Greek community in Montreal and then Ottawa, making people laugh helped him fit in. So, when Angelo was in his mid-thirties, he put his business on hold to give stand-up a go.

His gamble paid off: Angelo has toured the world with his hugely successful comedy show, 'It's All Greek To Me'. He's even played some USO shows with his pal Russell Peters. He's appeared in dozens of films and TV shows, too, such as 'The Score' with Marlon Brando. And in his latest film, Fred and Vinnie, he landed a starring role, playing a lovable schlub with some agoraphobia issues. This past year, he brought it all back home with his tour, 'Lil Angelo's Big Canada Show'.

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