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Guest Andrew Coyne

As much as Andrew Coyne is into politics, he actually has a bit of a dislike for it. He's called it a 'sleazy, awful business, full of desperate, unpleasant people.' But he also believes it doesn't have to be that way -- that we can demand better - so we get more than just party rhetoric and spin.

That's what Andrew tries to do: as a newspaper columnist and as a commentator on The National's 'At Issue' panel. With Andrew, it's not about siding with one party over another - it's about good government, policy and accountability. Funny thing is, Andrew never set out to cover politics. He thought he'd be an actor. He even had a few paid jobs.

But public engagement is in his blood. Andrew's father, James, was the second governor of the Bank of Canada and famously got into a showdown with the Diefenbaker government over the economy. It became such a big deal, the government even tried to have Coyne Sr. fired. Well, like his dad, Andrew isn't afraid to stand his ground whether it's on Twitter or in print. Andrew's written for The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, Maclean's, where he was national editor, and now at the National Post where he's in his second go-round as a political columnist.

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