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Guest Andre Agassi

Even if you're not into tennis, Andre Agassi is a household name. With eight Grand Slam titles, an Olympic gold medal and that early "rock star" image, Andre transcended the game. I mean - who can forget that hair!

Andre's dad was an Olympic boxer for Iran, and he pushed Andre hard. So hard that by the time he was three, Andre was a tennis prodigy. He turned pro at sixteen - and six years later, in 1992, he won his first major - Wimbledon. It was a tournament Andre skipped for a few years, because he didn't like playing on grass, or wearing "all-white."

After a bad year in '93, Andre got a new coach, and won the US Open as an unseeded player. That same year, he met Brooke Shields. They got married in '97, but Andre had a bunch of injuries and he dropped to 141st in the world.

In '99, he and Shields divorced and Andre trained like crazy. By the end of the year, he was tops in the world again. In 2001, he married Steffi Graf and stayed near the top for several years. But by 2006, his back was in bad shape and Andre had to retire.

Now, he has a new book called 'Open' and he drops a few surprises - including the fact he used crystal meth, and lied to officials to escape punishment.

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