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Guest Amy Sedaris

Offbeat, irreverent, and fearless... Amy Sedaris has made her name playing ugly, freaky characters, and her humor isn't for everyone. People generally laugh out loud...or they don't. But in a way that's what Amy wants, and why her fans love her.

She's best known for her cult hit on the Comedy Channel called 'Strangers With Candy', which she made with a couple of old 'Second City' pals - Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert. That role made her fans out of everyone from David Letterman to Sarah Jessica Parker, and led to appearances on 'Sex and The City'... plus a bunch of films like 'Maid In Manhattan,' 'Shrek The Third' and 'Jennifer's Body.'

Amy has written several plays with her brother David Sedaris, famous humour writer. She's also written a few books of her own: 'I Like You' was a hilarious guide to entertaining, that gave Martha Stewart a run for her money... and was on the 'New York Times' best sellers list for 12 weeks.

Now, she's got a new book - a satirical, tongue in cheek book called 'Simple Times: Crafts For Poor People.'

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