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Guest Amanda Seyfried

For the last few years, Hollywood's been telling us to keep an eye on Amanda Seyfried. The star of the HBO hit series 'Big Love' was gonna make it big.

Well, looks like Hollywood was right - because with lead roles in the sleeper hit 'Dear John', 'Jennifer's Body', and Atom Egoyan's 'Chloe', Amanda's having one heckuva stellar year.

She got her start as a model at age eleven, and from there, broke into soap operas. She says she was devastated when she was canned from 'All My Children' - but then, Amanda was cast as the ditzy mean girl in 'Mean Girls' - and from there - no stoppin' her. That led to 'Big Love' - playing the daughter who's not so cool with daddy's polygamist ways. Next thing you know, Amanda's starring opposite Meryl Streep - and singing, no less - in Mamma Mia.

Now, Amanda's breaking out a slightly darker side. In 'Chloe,' she plays a seductress hired by Julianne Moore to 'test' her husband's fidelity.

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