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Guest Amanda Lang

Most evenings here on CBC, people tune in to watch the business-TV version of 'The Honeymooners' Ralph and Alice having an argument. That's right: it's 'The Lang & O'Leary Exchange', with Kevin O'Leary and Amanda Lang.

It brings a little personality and a little humour to the sober world of big business. But the show also has a solid foundation in journalism. And that anchor is Amanda Lang.

The CBC's senior business correspondent, Amanda is expert at translating complicated financial jargon Into plainspeak.

Amanda grew up in Winnipeg and Ottawa, where her father, Otto Lang was a prominent Liberal and a fixture in the cabinets of Pierre Trudeau.

The kids were encouraged to work hard and ask interesting questions - and Amanda did:

As a print reporter on Wall Street, as a business correspondent on CNN, and now as an author. Her book 'The Power of Why' makes the case for curiosity as the root of all great innovation.

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