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Guest Ali Velshi

Ever had this conversation with your significant other? 'Honey we need to talk about our finances. The thing is, we've got too much cash! And honestly, I think we're just going to have to start buying more stuff.'

Didn't think so. At least not in 2012. Let's face it - money's a tough topic. It's awkward. It's personal. And if you ask Ali Velshi, money is a language that we all need to learn how to speak better.

Ali is the Chief Business Correspondent on CNN. Jon Stewart calls him 'H-Pod' - or, 'Hairless Prophet of Doom.' But Ali's roots are in Canada. He grew up in Toronto, where his Dad became the first Indian-Canadian elected to the Ontario legislature. Ali worked as a reporter in local Toronto news, then signed on as a business anchor with CNN where he's become expert at answering our questions about money: Will the economy ever get better? And how do men and women differ in the way they treat money?

He addresses some of that in a new book written with his 'TV wife' Christine Romans. The book's called 'How to Speak Money: The Language and Knowledge You Need Now'. With economic recovery uncertain, and talk of yet another recession, what better time to cash in on Ali's wisdom?

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