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Guest Alexander Siddig

Playing the British doctor Julian Bashir on 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' suited Alexander Siddig. Although he was born in Sudan, Alexander grew up with his mom in the U.K. - and was as English as the Queen, cricket and corgis.

To further the point, his uncle is the great English actor Malcolm McDowell, who has starred in such films as 'A Clockwork Orange' and 'Caligula'.

But after 9/11, Alexander had to face what it meant to be part-Arab. At the same time, he started getting more roles. And not just stereotypical parts. Alexander has played complex men in an increasingly complicated world in films like 'Syriana', and in his new one 'Inescapable' (with Joshua Jackson and Marisa Tomei).

Alexander plays a Syrian-Canadian who goes back to his home country to rescue his daughter.

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