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Guest Alex Caine

When it comes to biker gangs, most people think of the Hell's Angels. But there are a lot of others out there - like The Bandidos - one of the Angels biggest rivals. Their motto? "We are the people your parents warned you about."

'The Bandidos' started in Texas in the 60's. Now, they're in more than a dozen countries, including Canada. In 2000, they absorbed another infamous gang called The Rock Machine. And man, have they left a mark since. Remember a few years ago, when eight men were shot and killed in southern Ontario? Police say it was an internal Bandidos dispute. And recently, six men connected to the gang each got life sentences. So, no question - these are dangerous guys.

No one knows that better than Alex Caine. Alex is a Vietnam vet who went to prison after a shady drug deal - and turned police informant. By the way, Alex isn't his real name - it's one of the aliases he's used.

Alex has spent thirty years infiltrating gangs. Three of those years were with The Bandidos chapter in Washington state. And get this... Alex became their accountant! He talks about it all in his new book: 'The Fat Mexican: The Bloody Rise of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.'

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