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Guest A.J. Jacobs

So, there are really only a handful of reasons why a grown man would eat all his meals off a tiny dinosaur plate designed for a five-year old. Maybe the T-Rex makes his carrots taste like danger? Well, here's why A.J. Jacobs did it: he wanted to become the Healthiest Man Alive -- and eating from smaller plates forces you to cut down on portion size.

It's just one of the many, many things A.J. did during his two-year quest for maximal health. He tried dozens of exercise fads from the 'Caveman workout' to 'Strollercizing' - yes, while his kid was actually in the stroller.

Some of the things A.J. discovered about the body and what it needs to stay healthy may surprise you. He collected them all in a new book called 'Drop Dead Healthy.' Because here's the thing: A.J.'s known as an 'immersion journalist'. He picks an extreme way of life, commits to it for a year, sometimes more -and writes a book about it.

In 2004, it was The Know-It-All where he tested the limits of his intelligence by reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. Next was 'The Year of Living Biblically,' where A.J. followed every rule in the Bible, as literally as possible to find out what's good in it, and what no longer makes sense in the 21st century. And now that he's tackled his physical health, A.J.'s finally completed the last leg of his self-improvement triathlon.

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