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Guest Aisha Tyler

As much as Hollywood is a land of opportunity, it's always had some strange, unwritten rules. For a long time, one of them was, women aren't that funny. Sure, we've had icons like Lucille Ball, Roseanne and Ellen DeGeneres, but generally speaking, comedy has been a man's world - especially, stand up.

Well, not so much anymore. With the likes of Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler, there's a new generation of female comics, who fought to be hip, sexy and funny. Well, here's another one to watch: Aisha Tyler.

Growing up, Aisha was a self-described "huge nerd", and had a tough time fitting in. Eventually, she graduated from Dartmouth College and got an office job at an ad agency, but, she hated it. So, she decided to give stand-up a shot, working her way up from college gigs to national talk shows.

Then in 2001, she got her first break, becoming the host of the TV show 'Talk Soup.' Two years later, she appeared on 'Friends', which opened the door to her acting career. Since then, Aisha's had reoccurring roles on '24' and 'CSI.' These days, she provides a voice for the animated series, 'Archer', and she recently co-starred on XIII, a series about a guy with amnesia searching for his past.

Plus, Aisha is still doing stand-up, bringing her unique perspective to the stage.

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