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Guest Adrian Grenier

For Vincent Chase, the up-and-coming Hollywood actor at the heart of the TV show 'Entourage', life was all fame, fortune and women. But Vinnie also wanted to be taken seriously ('Medellin', anyone?). And for Adrian Grenier, the guy who played Vinnie, well, he can relate. While working on 'Entourage', he got involved in environmental projects, like the website shft.com -- and he also made documentaries. Adrian went behind the camera to tell the story of a young celeb hound in 'Teenage Paparazzo', and more personally, he made a film called 'Shot in the Dark', in which he sets out to track down his estranged father.

Now Adrian's behind a new documentary called 'My Name Is Faith'. It's also a personal story, about kids and families, only this time it belongs to someone else: Tiffany Sudela-Junker - who is also one of the film's directors. Tiffany and her husband adopted two children who had suffered serious neglect (they grew up in a house with a meth lab). And as a result, the kids, especially the older child, Faith, suffered from what's known as Attachment Disorder. Basically, it's an inability to bond, or, occasionally, to feel empathy.

It's a tough, but inspiring, film to watch: A troubling look at kids desperately trying to get better and parents who'll do anything to help their kids.

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