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Guest Adam Beach

You could say it was an inspired bit of casting to put Adam Beach in the role of Bobby Martin - the renegade bush pilot in 'Arctic Air'.

Like Bobby, Adam - who grew up on and near the Dog Creek First Nations Reserve in Manitoba - lost his parents, but in the most tragic of circumstances.

When he was eight years old, Adam's mother was hit and killed by a drunk driver. A few months later, depressed and drinking, his father drove into a lake and drowned.

But rather than let anger and sadness destroy him, Adam channeled his energy into acting and has maintained an outstanding career.

He's had a wide range of roles, shows and films, including 'North of 60', 'Law and Order: SVU', and Clint Eastwood's 'Flags of Our Fathers', in which Adam played the haunted Second World War marine Ira Hayes.

Now, just like his character Bobby Martin, Adam has returned home for 'Arctic Air'. And he's started a new film institute to help aboriginal youth find a better way in life through film.

You can check out 'Arctic Air' on CBC Wednesdays at 9pm.

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