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Guest Jack McBrayer

We all dream of having an assistant like 'Kenneth Ellen Parcell'. He loves his job. He speaks a shocking number of foreign languages. He's never not smiling. And he inexplicably has a woman's middle name.

'30 Rock' creator Tina Fey wrote the 'Kenneth the Page' character with one person in mind: Jack McBrayer. And for seven seasons now, Jack's been stealing every scene.

Jack grew up in small-town Georgia - so yes, the accent is real! He had an interest in theatre but not enough confidence to turn it into a career. After university, he was working odd jobs around Chicago when he discovered improv comedy. That's when he joined the Second City and befriended two people who would take his life in a completely unexpected direction: Tina Fey, and her husband Jeff Richmond.

You might also remember Jack from his bit parts on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien', films like 'Talladega Nights' or 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'. And next month, he plays the good guy opposite John C. Reilly's bad guy in 'Wreck-It Ralph', a 3-D animated film about video game characters who come to life.

It's in theatres November 2.

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