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UPDATE: Best ‘Shit Girls Say’ Parody? Try ‘Shit White Girls Say ... To Black Girls’
January 4, 2012
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Since Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard released the first episode in their web series "Shit Girls Say" last month, there have been countless copies, from the inevitable "Shit Guys Say" to the more specific "Shit Black Girls Say," "Shit Gay Guys Say" and "Shit Yogis Say."

You might think that comedy clips featuring shit anyone says might be played out by now, but one latecomer to the party may have the best take on the meme yet. Franchesca Ramsey's "Shit White Girls Say ... To Black Girls" adds a more cutting social analysis to the joke quotes, turning a satirical lens on the casual racism that can arise in everyday conversation.

As for all those other "Shit [Enter Type of Person Here] Say" videos floating about, the creators of the original "Shit Girls Say" subscribe to the notion that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

"We love the copycat videos," said Graydon Sheppard in an email to Strombo.com. "It's so flattering and people are really good about referencing our videos. It's also amazing that they're using the same style that we set up and often the exact same framing, just in different locations. They've been a really unexpected and happy surprise."


Franchesca Ramsey's blog

December 19, 2011 Last week the first episode of 'Shit Girls Say', a web series created by Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard, debuted on YouTube. So far the episode's been viewed nearly 5 million times, and the Twitter feed that inspired the video went from having 50,000 followers to over 210,000.

Both the clip and the Twitter feed have received a lot of media attention as a result. Most of it amounted to praise and appreciation, but some women's publications used the opportunity to discuss the gender politics of a video in which a guy in drag makes fun of the opposite sex. While Bust Magazine found it "completely hilarious and terrifyingly accurate", Bitch Magazine wondered where the humour was.

But if imitation is the highest form of flattery, then 'Shit Girls Say' has clearly found some inspired fans: Already, there are variations such as 'Shit Black Girls Say', 'Shit Gay Guys Say' and, unsurprisingly, 'Shit Guys Say' on the internet.

All the attention is getting the creators noticed: Humphrey and Graydon are apparently fielding a slew of project proposals, and the Toronto couple told us they've been receiving a lot of coverage south of the border. "Ryan Seacrest talked about us on his radio show, E! played us on E! News in the U.S. [and] ... Gizmodo said we were the No. 1 comedy vid," Sheppard said in an email - not to mention that "Minnie Driver said it was the best Twitter she's seen."

The next video in the series is out today, with another set to follow on Boxing Day. Sheppard tells us that Episode Three will once again feature Juliette Lewis, who appeared in the first video, and will apparently go "beyond the tweets into more exploration."

Check out Episode Two, here:

And for good measure, you might as well take a look at 'Shit Black Girls Say' ...

... 'Shit Gay Guys Say' ...

... 'Shit Dudes Say' ...

... and 'Shit Guys Say.'

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Bust Magazine

Bitch magazine

Juliette Lewis in 'Shit Girls Say'

December 12, 2011 It started as a Twitter account, but now it's turning into a web series. Two guys named Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard launched their first tweet from twitter.com/shitgirlssay on April 7th of this year. The tweets are exactly as advertised: short phrases that might be uttered by women. And it seems they're onto something. They've certainly picked up some well-known followers: Mindy Kaling, Ashton Kutcher, Nicole Richie, Donald Glover, and Emma Stone, to name a few. One of those followers is Juliette Lewis, a friend of the show.

When the guys decided to turn their Twitter account into a web series, they figured they'd get in touch with Juliette and see if she'd be willing to appear. She said yes. The result, 'Shit Girls Say - Episode 1', is below:

Juliette has been on the show a number of times. Here's her latest interview:

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