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Get To Know Your ‘3 Things’ Comedy Panelists
September 26, 2012
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Every night on our program, our '3 Things' comedy panel invites a special guest to talk with George, our regular panelists, and the nation at large about the stuff that matters to Canadians: everything from relationships to money to cultural nostalgia for the '80s.

If you've been wondering who our regular panelists are and what makes them tick, look no further. Here's who you've been laughing along with.

Ali Hassan

Head Comedy Panelist Ali Hassan is a stand-up comic whose skills have taken him to stages across Canada. He has also performed in the U.S. and the Middle East, where he was twice invited to perform at the trail-blazing Amman Stand-Up Comedy Festival in Amman, Jordan. And he's not just funny: Ali is also a caterer & chef, whose webisodes can be viewed on www.BlandIsBoring.com. As if that wasn't enough, Ali is an actor, too. He played Kumar, the hapless Indian restaurant owner in a small Quebec town, in Kevin Tierney's 2011 film 'French Immersion.' He also played Niku, the enforcer on an all-Sikh hockey team, in 'Breakaway.' And most recently he had the memorable role of Uncle Stevie in the film 'Goon,' opposite Seann William Scott, Jay Baruchel and Eugene Levy.

Website: www.StandUpAli.com

Twitter: @standupali

Naomi Snieckus

Comedy Panelist Naomi Snieckus is an award-winning improviser and actor, and a regular on CBC's hit comedy 'Mr. D.' She got her start at The Second City Toronto where she wrote/performed in five hit shows. And if you've watched Canadian TV in the last few years, you've probably seen Naomi: she's appeared on 'Da Kink in My Hair,' 'Degrassi,' 'Train 48,' 'Regenesis,' 'Little Mosque on the Prairie,' 'The Ron James Show,' 'Being Erica,' 'Wingin' It,' 'She's the Mayor' and 'The Jon Dore Show,' among others. She was also in the last 'Saw' movie, 'Saw 3D:The Final Chapter.' Phew. Naomi's also the co-creator of Canadian Comedy Award-winning web series 'The Casting Room' and a founding member and Co-Artistic Producer of The National Theatre of the World, which tours all over North America and Europe.

Twitter: @snieckus

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