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Welcome Home, Chris Hadfield: Top 10 Moments From Space
May 13, 2013
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Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian to command the International Space Station, is returning to Earth today after 146 days in space. To mark the occasion, he released the video above, a cover of Bowie's 'Space Oddity' - just one of the many cool things he posted on the internet from space.

Despite the demands of his full-time job, Hadfield found time to take to YouTube and social media to answer questions, and offer insights and images describing the amazing experience of orbiting our planet.

He's developed quite a following here on Earth - kind of by accident, according to his son Evan, who is managing his dad's online persona.

"Almost none of (the social media aspect) was sketched out in advance," he told The Montreal Gazette. "We had hoped that a lot of fun things could be done... but beyond hoping that he could provide some interesting media in new and interesting ways, we weren't sure what would be possible."

The possibilities were practically endless, it seems - and Hadfield has become an international star thanks to the stuff he's shared.

Here are our Top Ten Commander Hadfield moments:

Number 10: A Kiss Goodbye

The morning of the launch, Hadfield tweeted this pic: kissing his wife, through glass, before take-off. A sweet way to say goodbye before a long business trip.

Number Nine: Space Kitchen

What do people eat in space? Is it all dehydrated ice cream, like in the old days? Or have astronauts moved on to peanut butter and honey sandwiches? Well, yes... But with a twist.

Number Eight: Christmas Turned Upside Down

Upside down Christmas trees are a thing here on Earth, too. But you've got to think it's an easier trick to pull off in zero gravity.

Number Seven: Tears Don't Fall In Space

In space, no one can hear you scream. But can they watch you cry? Well, yes. But as Hadfield demonstrates, the tears won't actually fall.

Number Six: Tiny Floating Bread

How's this for disorienting? This loaf of Russian black bread is tiny... and floating. Space is not the same as your local grocery store.

Number Five: Romance, I.S.S.-Style

As if you needed another reason to love the planet, Hadfield chose Valentine's Day to share this shot of a naturally occurring heart formation.

Number Four: Canadian Cuisine In Orbit

Two great things about this video: one, the discovery that food tastes a little different when astronauts first arrive in space. Two, floating maple syrup. Canadian pride.

Number Three: Moonrise Over Our Only Home

Sitting above the planet must give you a powerful perspective on the place we call home. And this shot - one of hundreds Hadfield tweeted - offers some of that perspective to the Earthbound.

Number Two: Wringing Out A Towel... In Space

If you needed proof that things, which aren't all that exciting in daily life, become really cool in space, here it is. Hadfield shows us what happens when you squeeze the water out of a washcloth in zero gravity. And it's amazing.

Number One: I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing?)

CBC Music put this one together, and it's pretty incredible: Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies joined Commander Hadfield to write and perform a tune that linked the I.S.S. with a group of musicians on earth.

On Monday, May 6, the song was performed by Hadfield along with hundreds of thousands of students in order to raise awareness about the importance of music education in schools.

Music Monday was a huge success, and a great example of the way Hadfield used his time on the I.S.S. to communicate with the world.


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